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  1. I play Lucy Locket in a community production of Babes in Toyland. My one line: “Mother, mother, somebody stole my shilling,” followed by blah-blah-blah’s from the other actors, or at least that’s what it sounded like to four-year-old me. Also the kid who plays Jack is kind of mean to me.

  2. I’m super pissed to lose the role of the main bedouin in the class play to my best friend Amy. My mom tries to explain to me that I can’t have every role, that everyone needs a turn. I insist the play will suffer without me.

  3. I decide I can never be a real actor because I’m not the “actor type.” I’m shy, and real actors are big and outgoing like Jim Carrey.

  4. I see an old interview of Mel Gibson, throughout which he’s completely shy and uncomfortable. My world does a Kaiser-Soze 180, and I realize if shy Mel Gibson can be an actor, so can I. I tell my dad, who says, “I hope you like rejection.”

  5. I graduate from the University of Texas with a degree in Radio-TV-Film. I’m stumped as to what to actually do with myself, so I elect to become a high school A.V. Productions teacher.

  6. I start acting again, this time in film. I spend the next years acting as much as possible and eventually decide to dedicate my life to becoming a better actor and storyteller.

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