Akasha, age 4

I’m cast as Lucy Locket in the community production of “Babes in Toyland.” We can assume my one line, “Mother, Mother, somebody stole my shilling,” is brilliant. Being only four, I’m not called to dance rehearsals, so it blows my mind when everone starts dancing in unison. #firstflashmob

Akasha, age 10

I’m upset at having lost the role of “Main Bedouin” in the class play to my best friend Amy. My mom tries to explain to me that I can’t have every role, and that everyone needs a turn, but I insist the play will suffer without me.

Akasha, age 15

I realize I’m too shy to become an actor because “real” actors are big and outgoing like Jim Carrey.

Akasha, age 17

I see one of Mel Gibson’s first TV interviews and am mesmerized by how shy and uncomfortable he is. I feel emboldened and decide that if Mel Gibson can be an actor, gosh darnit, so can I. I tell my dad, who says, “I hope you like rejection.”

Akasha, age 23

I graduate from the University of Texas with a degree in Radio-TV-Film. I’m stumped as to how to actually make a living, so I become a high school film teacher.

Akasha, age 28

I start acting again, this time in film. I spend the next years acting in as many quality projects as possible and eventually decide to dedicate my life to becoming a better actor and storyteller.